Lose Weight Today Or Pay A Higher Premium Tomorrow

If you thought obesity is just a health risk and not a monetary problem, think again. Trends show that many insurance providers are now increasing premiums for heavy folks and getting a new insurance quote, even if it is not health can get mighty hard at an affordable rate. Don’t believe us well just recently a reputed insurance provider for the UK increased its premiums on over 25’s motor trade insurance f

iPhones can help you lose weight

Even if you didn’t make a resolution to lose weight this year, you probably have some fitness goals you would like to achieve. To help, Protect Your Bubble (providers of insurance for mobile phones and iphone insurance in the UK) put together a list of the top 10 free iPhone apps to help you lose weight and get into shape. 1) Calorie Tracker [self-explanatory really] 2) Lose It! [Budget your calories] 3) 40-30-3

Reward Well Earned Weigh Loss

Makeover shows flood our television screens day in and day out. Indeed the airwaves are chock a block with reality style programmes promising instantly to turn hopeful women from ugly ducklings into swans. While slightly older programmes tended to focus on dramatic weight-loss, providing candidates with personal trainers and even the option to have plastic surgery, many of the newer, less radical approaches to the

The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan

There are so many weight loss tricks and tips out there that the mind boggles. Whether it is a new miracle herb, or the latest magic diet programme, they all promise quick and easy weight loss. How genuine are these claims? Who knows! What we do know, is that there is one sure fire method to lose weight. That method is the systematic and patient way of going about it. That method involves plenty of exercise and lot

Increasing obesity problems across the world

Obesity is a well known problem in the USA but it is a problem that is spreading accross the world. Indeed it is fast becoming the bigest single contributing factor to servere health conditions reported by the UK’s NHS. Obesity is also widly reported across Europe but now also increasingly in other continents and cultures. Japan, and Mexico’s obesity rates are doubling every decade and with each culture

Dispelling those Weight Loss Myths

We are all probably sick to death over hearing about these new and allegedly fantastic weight loss diets that are going to help you lose weight at an astonishing rate. They come jam-packed with claims that you will end up looking like an Adonis or beaudacious babe that is connected to the product in some way. You, being human, simply cannot resist such a temptation. However, 99 times out of 100, these claims are ab